Basic knowledge about

In the morning: THEORY
– why appropriate bridle?
– basic anatomy and biomechanics
– recognize signs of inappropriate bridles

Afternoon: PRACTICE
Useful tips on 2-3 horses and with your equipment.

Minimum 8 and maximum 12 participants.


At your stable and according to the sanitary measures

Price : 500 € without tax
(excluding travel expenses).

Initiation bit fitting

2 days course Bit and Bridle Fitting.

2 days

Online or on Site

2-days online introductory course:

Price: 400 € HT
per person max 4 participants (excluding travel costs)

2-days on site introductory course:

Price: 500 € HT
per person max 6 participants (excluding travel costs)


Géraldine Vandevenne
+32 475 78 13 07

Zones Bitfitting : France, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Allemagne et tout autre pays sur demande !