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Géraldine Vandevenne


Géraldine Vandevenne

Like a lot of people, I have been passionate about horses since I was very young. My grandfather was a horse trainer, and he used to talk to me about his adventures with horses. However, I never thought my passion would become my job…

After an accident, my young mare had to undergo a tooth extraction, and from that moment I became interested in dental care for horses. I already had a profession and was working full time, but I resumed my studies and I’ve never looked back since.

Through my work as an equine dental technician, I have encountered problems related to the bit, and riders have asked me for advice about mouthpieces. I had the opportunity to meet others who were as interested as I was in mouthpieces, nosebands, etc. and to take courses on the subject in the Netherlands, Germany and England.

I also took training courses in a variety of areas such as osteopathy, saddle fitting, horse feeding, breeding, etc. and I still follow training courses and congresses about horses,…
In the meantime, I have been fortunate to be able to write some articles on the subject, and to start up a training school and a professional bit fitters association in France.

President of ABFF

Member of the International Association of Equine Bit Fitters
Member of Horse therapists
Member of Horse & Health

Fitted bit and bridle improve the movement of your horse. Let we make the difference!

Every horse has its own preference for a particular bit. And the bit must be adapted to suit the mouth of the horse, not the other way round!

Whatever type of bit is used, it always causes pressure on the horse’s head and inside its mouth.

If the bit is not suited to the horse, the horse will complain.
Signs of a bad mouthpiece:

  • Champing on the bit
  • Tongue protruding from the mouth
  • Mouth opening
  • Clamping on the bit or avoiding the bit
  • Taking the bit between the teeth
  • Tension when being ridden: tension in the back, head in the air, neck too curved
  • The horse is restless
  • Injury or irritation in the mouth


When choosing a bit, certain details need to be taken into consideration.

There is therefore a very wide choice. The simplest solution is to rely on the advice of a specialist for the choice of your bit.

The specialist will take account of your horse’s anatomy, its dental problems, the type of bit currently used, its discipline, your complaints, etc.
The choice of a bitless bridle is an important step:
How will your horse react to the different types of bitless bridle?
How do they act?
The adviser will help you find the best solution for your horse.

I arrive with a variety of snaffle bits, curb bits and bitless bridles to try out with you and your horse (for riding, or long reins for carriage horses).
I work with different brands, such as Neue Schule ®, Myler ®, BR ®,Busse ®, Sprenger, Trust ®, Fager, Bombers and Stübben as well as the snaffles of F.R.A ®, Passier and Bridle2fit ®,Dyon, PS of Sweden, Schockemohle, Nexaver and LJ Leathers.
There is no obligation to buy.

For an opinion tailored to your horse, please contact us to make an appointment.

Fitted bit and bridle improve the movement of your horse. Let we make the difference!

70/ horse
Bit Fit Session
Excluding transport costs

For clinics, please contact us for a free quote!

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10 August 2020 01:00

Poster : 12 tips about bits and bridles

New poster with tis abouts bits and bridles for your tack room! Price: 10 euro For order: info@equibitfit.com

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Due to the Coronavirus, we propose an online course of initiation in bit, bridle and bitless fitting. All you need to know as horse’s owner, rider, trainer, therapist,…

The 2 days course with theory and practical .

These course can start on demand when 2 participants.

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