We are fully approved by the Horse Society as a professional riding school.

Our modern and fully equipped equestrian centre is happy to offer everything from polo and show-jumping to horse riding trips across the hills and mountains. Energise your mind, body and soul with a visit to our spacious and accommodating center.

At our centre you will acquire new riding skills or simply will have a chance to relax in a good atmosphere. The program is taught by experienced staff and caters to all riding abilities, from beginners to advanced.

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Affiche : 12 conseils pour un cheval heureux

Affiche format A3 plastificiée pour votre sellerie, sur votre stand,… Prix: 10 euro hors frais d’envoi Pour toute commande...

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Affiche met tips over bitten en hoofdstellen

Mooie A3 affiche met 12 tips, geplastificeerd, klaar om te hangen in uw zadelkamer! Prijs: 10 € exclusief verzendkosten Bestellen via mail ...

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